A Paradigm Change in Buying Behaviour – Consumer Behaviour Shift from Offline to Online  

A Paradigm Change in Buying Behaviour – Consumer Behaviour Shift from Offline to Online    

Change in buying behaviour

Paradigm shift do not happen on their own; positioning a much-needed solution or service at the helm influences it. Businesses, entrepreneurs, and analysts have been studying consumer behaviour for a long time now; they have gathered enough information and are using it for promoting their products. Consumer behaviour shift can be influenced by brand positioning and offerings.

Patanjali created a niche for itself by positioning itself as the Purest Brand on the block; it sold people the idea of eating and drinking organic and pure products. Similarly, a lot of brands are now influencing consumers to shop online instead of buying items from an offline store.

What influenced the paradigm shift in buying behaviour?

Today, online marketplaces are a hit among the contemporary generation; even the passing generation is coming to understand, how these marketplaces work. What do you think? What factors influenced these old age people to ditch their friend’s shop and start buying items online? Pricing? No! Then what?

The combination of availability, timing, pricing, and comfort: Online stores saves you from the hassle of going from one shop to another in search of a particular product and still come back home empty handed. Within 5 minutes you can traverse through hundreds of online sites and find the desired product at the best price. Metropolitan cities are fortunate enough to have warehouses of these online stores that facilitate one-day delivery with great ease and grace.

 It is in trend: Well! We can certainly not rule out the fact that online shopping is becoming the new trend. In India, people are easily influenced by their neighbours and relatives. Today buying items online in India has become a status symbol and likes of Flipkart and Snapdeal are targeting these people with the help of campaigns named Trend Lifestyle and Unbox Zindagi, respectively.

Original products delivered and picked up from your doorstep: Consumers also seems to enjoy the easy return policies. Marketplaces like Amazon provides A to Z guarantee on returns and ask no questions before accepting a return. Consumers feel privileged and also saved from the hassle of visiting an offline store and arguing with the store-owner to return a particular product.

The humongous consumer behaviour shift that happened in India can also be explained with the help of cash backs. Well-funded start-ups like Snapdeal, Freecharge, Myntra and many others decided to add more customers to their list by giving out impressive cash backs and discounts. With every passing second, people got addicted to the new style of shopping and all the factors listed above did their work efficiently, leading to the paradigm shift.

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