Pop Ups : Purpose, Types and Drawbacks

Pop Ups : Purpose, Types and Drawbacks

Every time you visit any site, whether its “Times of India”, ” Quickr” or any other site, your fresh mood gets ruined most of the times because of the pop ups that stands in your way and between your wishes. Annoyingly you search for a little cross mark that will help close the curtains on this monstrous thing. This little square box might be a source of frustration to you, but it performs very well and justifies its purpose to every extent.

Today I will tell you what makes it a must for every store and its benefits and downsides.


Purpose of the pop ups:

The main purpose of the pop ups is to grab the attention of the visitor at once and to make a major impact on the viewer. But on the background, hidden behind this purpose is the actual goal of the advertisers. Did you know that as soon as you click the close buttons or the cross marks, it collects your email address from the website you are visiting currently? Yes, it’s true. Now the question you might be having is why do they collect email addresses. The answer to that is very simple.

If you keep on poking someone, eventually that person will react. This is a strategy that online business owners use.


They create popups, use them to collect your email address and then use your email address to promote their business hence making the chances of your visit to their site from almost nil to eighty percent.

Now some of you might be thinking why emails?? Why not use Facebook or advertise on national television?? Well the answer is again a trickfull business strategy. Your mail account is the most personal space you use on internet. Invading that space and conquering it gets them your undivided attention. Hence, mission accomplished!

 Play your cards right when using popups


 Time it: Whenever you plan to use this technology you have to decide the perfect timing to hit your visitor. It can be as soon as they enter or after a certain amount of time or when they are leaving. But you have to consider their needs and according to your products, mail your best deals for them.

Convey your deal in best terms: Utilize the need of customer and the hit point of your product in your display message of the pop up. It will ensure then that this technology will work in the favor of your sales.

Category of pop ups that you can use

 Time based :
Popups that appear after a certain amount of time that visitor has spent on your page.

Content specific :
Popups that appear only when visitors go for certain specific products or content on the website.


Scroll based:
Popups that appear after the visitor has scrolled down a certain length of the web page.

Exit timed :
Popups that appear only when visitor are about to leave the website.


Even this tool has downsides. Here are few of them for this one:

Not use full with net intelligent people:

Visitors who are familiar with this technology or in other words visitors who are techies exit the website immediately that has too many pop ups.


Sometimes too much annoying:

Popups might work their charm most of the times but not every time. Visitors sometimes might be too much irritated with these and might never return to the owner’s website ever again.

So to sum up, impressive tool but when used smartly.


Pranav, 23, is a Full Time Freelance Writer, residing in the capital city of the Country. He has been cited as one of the youngest Blogger cum Content Writer from the state by the National Daily Hindustan Times. He has also contributed a short story to the Anthology, Phase Unknown Women-A Tribute. His next short story is slated to be released with Penguin India later this year. He is involved with varied online sites for varied types of writing.

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