How to Select the Right Theme – Shopify Themes vs Shopnix

How to Select the Right Theme – Shopify Themes vs Shopnix

How to select the right theme

How to Select the Right Theme 

In this article we will try to compare Shopify themes with Shopnix.

The growth of technology and e-commerce has increased rapidly. Therefore, the businesses have slowly started to mark their presence over the internet. Having known this need of the era, cloud service started to emerge. Now, there are many cloud-based platforms that offer the businesses means to start their online e-commerce business. As a result, it has become difficult for the businesses to choose the right cloud-hosted platforms.

In India, the most common cloud-hosted platforms are shopnix and shopify. However, most of the businesses are confused which one to select. One of the most important things that confuse them is the availability of themes. The business owners often get confused which one offers the best themes. Before comparing both the sites regarding the themes, you must first understand a theme.


What is a Theme?

A theme dictates the style and looks of a website. A theme encompasses a lot of things such as colour schemes, types and sizes of fonts. Overall, a theme focuses on the aesthetics of your website. The identity of a business is revealed through a theme of a website. Further, it helps in improving the customer experience on the website.

Sometimes people confuse a theme with a design template. However, both are completely different. Unlike a theme, a design template is a layout of the website. It helps in the placement of the elements in a website. In simple terms, if the layouts are the walls of a house, a theme is the decoration.

Why is the right theme selection important?

Attracting the visitors and maintaining the interest of those visitors is the main purpose of any website. A theme helps you fulfil this purpose. Through a website theme, you can determine the design if the website and therefore identify the best way to make a website even more attractive. Even if your website contains exceptional content, it is of no use without an attractive theme. Especially, in this era, website attractiveness is really very important. The reason is that the sales of goods and services over the internet are largely affected due to the attractiveness of the websites.

Now that you know what is a theme and why it is needed, you must know how to select the right one.

How to select the right theme?

Choosing the right theme requires a lot of time to invest. You need to consider several factors before choosing the right theme.

The first mistake that most of the people make is selecting the theme. The actual thing to do is think about the business goals and align them with the website. You need to be clear about a few things before starting with the theme such as

  • What do you want to sell?
  • What are your website requirements?
  • What do your competitors do?
  • How does your customer browse and buy products?

What do you want to sell?

Most people actually forget they need to select the theme according to the product and service they are offering. Your website should be built with the service or product in mind. The reason is that your every webpage should funnel your websites.

What are your website requirements?

You need to focus on the requirements of the website before you select the theme. For this, you need an administrator’s point of view. The first thing you need to do is separate the front and back end of the functionality. You need to identify the essential elements for your visitors and then identify how to make that happen in your theme.

What do your competitors do?

Every business requires a competitor analysis to ensure a good growth of the company. To choose the right theme, you need to understand the theme of the competitor and identify the opportunity areas in your theme. Analysing the competitors’ theme will give a brief context about the right theme and customer requirements. However, this does not emphasise that you copy as it is from your competitors.

How does your customer browse and buy products?

Understanding the behaviour of your customers is also very essential for a business group. You need to understand that your browsing behaviour is different from the others. Therefore, it is essential that you analyze how your customers browse and buy your products.

Test Your Theme

Once you select the theme, you need to give t a test run. First, run the website by yourself. Identify the areas to be improved and then share the theme with others. Get a test run done and then get the feedback for the theme. In this way, you can identify the areas to be improved and thus select the right theme for your website.

Well, now that you have a clear idea about the themes, it is the time to compare the themes of shopify and shopnix themes.

Shopify Themes vs Shopnix

Both Shopify and shopnix have different categories for their themes. Both have themes categorized according to various businesses. However, when comparing shopify themes vs shopnix, the later has a few benefits.


Unlike shopify, shopnix has a separate category for responsive themes. Such themes arrange themselves according to the screen size. For example, if you view your website on a mobile, it would be different from how it is viewed on a system. At shopnix, the responsive themes for all the business categories are shown in a single category.


The themes at shopify are chargeable apart from the monthly package. However, at shopnix, you do not have to pay anything for the themes. At shopnix it’s  a one time payment, the price starts from Inr 12,000 a year.


When comparing shopify themes vs shopnix, the major categories identified are

Shopify Shopnix
Art & Photography Athena
Clothing & Fashion Grocery
Jewellery & Accessories Jewellery
Electronics Shoes
Food & Drink Fashion
Home & Garden Furniture
Furniture Pharmacy
Health & Beauty Watches
Sports & Recreation Electronics
Toys & Games Books

Easy View

When compared to shopnix, shopify has an easy view of themes. You can directly view the demo store of any theme with a single click. Moreover, you can directly create a store from the same page without navigating somewhere else. Moreover, they show a preview of how the theme looks when opened at the first time.

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