Sell Garments Online – Best Website to Sell Clothes Online

Sell Garments Online – Best Website to Sell Clothes Online

sell garments online

Best eCommerce Platform to Sell Garments Online

Online businesses are of many kinds, you have to decide on which eCommerce store you have to start. It’s wise if you spend the right time in deciding which niche segment you need to penetrate. When deciding, make sure that you will select a niche that seems profitable. Apparel stores are a great niche to look into. The decision to sell garments online is best when you are creative and you have an interest towards the fashion industry. The success of selling garments online depends upon your online marketing strategies and the uniqueness of your business model (make sure that your USP is distinctive and will add value to people).

Once you have a clear picture of what kind of garments you plan to sell online. Make sure that you will put enough effort to create a checklist.


There is no need to panic, this checklist is simple and easy to manifest into reality.

  1. Research how the apparel industry operates
  2. Learn how the market works
  3. Identify your top 5 competitors
  4. Monitor your competitor’s online marketing activities
  5. Follow best practices in the industry
  6. Identify the why and note down why you need to sell garments online
  7. Create a draft, detailing what benefit your customers will get when interacting with your business entity.

No matter whether you are a renowned brand or a young startup, selling garments online will be much painless when you know who to target and how to outperform your competitors.

Your Online Personality Aids to Sell Garments Online

In the virtual world, your virtual identity is encapsulated around your online shop. Your virtual store will be your digital identity. The personality of your apparel store needs to be closely tied to the shifting fashion trends. The frame of reference should be themed to that of a luxury shop, which sells elegant garments.

You can either build your own website/ e-commerce store or can sell through online marketplaces. Albeit, both options will assist you in getting a higher market exposure, the best choice is to start an online store on your own. The online business model must be alluring and realistic enough to gain people’s trust. More the people trust your business higher the possibility of a sale.

Sell Garments Online and Make Money

You can either thread your own clothes and sell online or can source branded materials from multiple vendors and can sell it on own website. If you have the skillset or talent for creating images, designs caricatures/ cartoons, you can surely make money by offering customised orders.

Start online dress store in Bangalore
Start eCommerce Store

If you decide to sell garments online via eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Then by renting/ owning an online space under their domain, you can display clothes in the e-commerce store. You can make money on every item sold, and a sum needs to be paid to the marketplace provider as commission. This is a great way of putting clothes on already renowned websites and spread word-of-mouth among friends and relative about your virtual expedition. In most cases, the marketplace provider will take care of your products sale, packaging, printing logo on the clothes, invoicing and supplying the clothes to customers.

Most marketplace providers will charge around 15-20% of the order price as commission. Which is s huge loss for you? Your store, your effort, and a good percentage go to the online space provider.

Not to worry. That’s why we suggest you own an eCommerce store of your own. No need you pay any commission. With the least effort, you can make the online store yourself. Create an eCommerce store and sell garments online.

Best Website for Selling Garments Online

There are various websites that facilitate an opportunity to sell clothes/ garments online. It helps in reducing website maintenance cost because running a clothing business can be expensive for beginners. However, selling clothes on another website like Elanic, OLX, Spoly, Etashee, Refachioner, eBay, Instagram account, Facebook Marketplace etc can reduce the initial setup cost. With proper planning and with the right e-commerce platform, you can have your online store upend running on a low budget.

The Advantage of Selling Clothes Online

The ubiquitous connectivity helps you reach every nook and corner of the world. When you plan to create an online apparel store and sell garments online you are entering into a realm of infinite possibilities. By establishing a strong online presence you can reach a wider audience. In case if you are having an offline garment shop, then modifying your business model, make it palpable to accommodate the essence of digital transformation. It is the best way to gain large market and boost sale.

Digital transformation is not just about attracting a huge number of online visitors it is the most convenient and cheaper technique to offer an omnichannel experience. Due to easy availability of the internet, conveniency and abundant variety available at every click, people are choosing online shopping rather than going offline stores.

How Can You Sell Clothes Online ?

For selling clothes online, you need to choose the suitable e-commerce website that has a good reputation in the niche and make sure that they prefer to buy a product from the platform. An E-commerce website on which you can display image of clothes with details associated with it. Moreover, make sure there are secure payment gateway and necessary shopping option for customers.

Ensures the shopping details, as well as the financial details of customers, are protected from online theft and every kind of threat. Another major part of selling online is the promotion of product on social media and other platforms. So that your website, as well as products, are visible to the people.

Marketing is quite a crucial part in eCommerce business.

If your establishment is not visible to people then it could be a life-threatening situation (not yours, but definitely your startups). If your store is not visible then the chance for a sale is near to zero.

With Shopnix its easy to create an apparel store!

Online Visibility of Garment Store

Another important aspect is online visibility of website or clothes. You need to take appropriate measure to ensure online visibility, for this, just put the clothes online, and take help from your family and friends for its publicity (As a start). Ask them to share your garment store on their social media platforms. Because driving traffic may be costly but selling online is cheaper than selling out of the brick store. Moreover, you do not have to pay overheads and taxes associated with the offline stores. This does not mean that selling online will be easy, it also requires creating and managing a website, designing, maintenance cost, online marketing costs etc.

To know more o how to increase the visibility of your online garment store, Read this article.

How To Start Sell Garments Online ?

The very first thing you need is e-commerce website where you can put your clothes on sale and attract many buyers. The good thing about these e-commerce stores is that they are renowned among users all over the world who visit the website regularly looking for new products and designer clothes. Hence, you do not need to make additional effort to attract buyers. Nevertheless, when you venture on the e-commerce site; you should keep an extra check on some points.

eBay is the best marketplace for selling clothes, just simply upload the picture of the clothes and update about the clothes, give a detailed description of it and sell on the eBay marketplace.

Where Can You Search Clothes?

Make sure the clothes are visible to the user. Means, the keyword matches the title and show the images of clothes with the same keyword search. You can make a category on the store like women’s clothing, men’s and kids. Any new clothes of successful brand or create your own brand online by giving the best material of the clothes, colour combination, and reasonable price.

Selling on eBay store is simple, though it has its own ups and down. You do not need to wait to sell clothes online. If you want it, you can start it immediately even today. Just make sure you have seller account with eBay and a merchant account for receiving online payments.

Now select the best quality brands, clothes, dresses that need to sell. Research the market what people want and wear, seasonal, occasional, and location where you are targeting. This can give flight to your business.

eBay will take all the action to sell your clothes but you need to take care of mainly three things;

How to set up a virtual store, shipping of the product to the customer, and a remarkable customer service. Great customer service will bring customers back. For beginners, these are few necessary points to consider when planning to sell garments online and succeed in online business.

Zero investment eCommerce Store

It matters the most what you are selling. The key lies in knowing how to strategize your online shop in delivering the best customer experience. Make sure you plan and create a customer-centric strategy. This is an ultimate way to the success of selling your product.

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