Sell designer handbags and purses online – Sell Handbags Online

Sell designer handbags and purses online – Sell Handbags Online
Sell handbags online
Start online apparel store

This article will help you learn what all you need to sell handbags Online . There exists a wide market out there for you. This guide will help you with everything you need to setup an online store and build a strong brand presence in the market.

One of the most sought accessories by women is handbags. Women love to flaunt their handbags and purses and don’t mind spending on those with unique designs and colors.

How to Sell Handbags Online, Is No More a Perplexed Question

Internet is one of the favourite destinations for these accessories and an online store can help boost your business manifold. This is also true for those who follow it as a hobby but don’t want to make huge investments towards having a brick and mortar store. Nevertheless, there are some aspects which need to be considered before starting an online designer bag business in India. To sell handbags online you need to create an eCommerce store. Similar to an offline store you can setup a digital store. There are multitude of platform providers that allows you to start with the least investment possible.

Before you leap, make sure that you have gained some knowledge about how the online apparel industry operates. A witless effort to jump in and setup a a virtual store is not the ideal practice. Think from an entrepreneurs point of view. Invest enough time to study the market, make sure you have a vivid idea of who your target customers are. There exists a vast difference between an store that displays regular bags and luxury bags. The perception of owning a product varies to a greater range.


The fashion industry has dramatically changed in last few decades. Purses and bags are not just to jam all your cosmetics accessories and cash. It has transformed more to showcase a social status. The impulsive buying nature have forced most luxury lovers and shopaholics to buy more than they could use on a frequent basis. Most luxury lovers are too addicted that they want to purchase/ own a piece even before it hits the market. From an entrepreneurs slant you may be able to notice the potential this segment has.

Your customers are in race to buy latest trends online, makes sure that you could use this opportunity to make a living.

Your Target Customers – Know them well 


You should always know all about a product that you are going to sell. If you already have a store and have been in this business for long, then you can start off right away. If not, it is better to learn the basics and intricacies of the trade. There are several online courses and blogs that can help you in this regard.

Your marketing strategies will be synergized around your target audience. Your ideal customer persona help decisively create a winning strategy for your digital enterprise. The luxury lover will be looking for a high end premium product where as the general populous will be looking for a product the meets their daily requirement. Great companies are build around people. Make sure that your business strategy is also framed around people.

Some of these include Learn handbag and accessory design & 10 TIPS TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL HANDBAG DESIGNER .

Dropship Handbags

By now, almost everybody is familiar with the concept of dropshipping.

Wondering whether you could do dropshipping in India? Of course yes. If you can find the right supplier to source the inventory then you will be able to kick-start a dropshipping business straight away. The topmost benefit of drop shipping is that you don’t need to have a huge investment at your disposal.

When comes to drop shipping business model you don’t have to own or manage the stock. Here you will reach out to the manufacturer or the wholesaler (In this case, wholesalers who closely work with the apparel industry) and will ask them whether they are interested in drop-ship a product if an order is placed through your website.

Select the suppliers sagaciously. Don’t go for a whim. Find the right supplier who is interested to work closely with your business model and is ready to fulfil the demands of the market. In this marketing model, you are investing your time and effort to build a virtual entity.

Let us take SEO as an example. We have long passed the day where we place few keywords on the website and get it rank on SERP. Now, its extremely hard for a business entity to compete with well established virtual brands. Google has moderated lots of their ranking algorithms so that only the best web pages that tend to add value to the end user will rank in Search Engine Results Page.

Don’t trust me?

Trigger a search query on Google. Pretty sure you will be able to find why. “Hundreds of article competing for the same keyword”.

So, for you to rank of SEPR you need to invest quite a lot of resources and man-hours.

Consider that you were able to rank on SERP. Wola, you are ranking on the first page of Google. You started to get a lot of quality orders, people started to place orders from multiple places in India. Now its time for you to fulfil their needs. On your website, you mentioned that you will be delivering the handbag within one week (the end customer will get the bad delivered at the doorstep within 7 days). Then based on the order you received, you then reached out to the wholesaler and placed a duplicate order. You did everything right, but the end customer didn’t receive the product or any notification from the merchant side pointing the reason for a delay. Who to blame.

The end customer will demand you to give an answer. As a digital entity that sell handbags online, they trust you and decided to place an order on your website. They are least worried about the back-end operations.

So what you need to do is, you need to understand how the dropshipping industry operates. What are the challenges? How to find legitimate drop shippers in India. Importantly, How can I streamline the who process?

To Sell Handbags Get the Required Licences

All business people need to have the requisite licences before indulging in any form of business. Get in touch with a chartered accountant or a company that specializes in providing these solutions and get the required licences. Some of these could include trade licences, copyright clearances, tax certificates, local business licences, etc.

Starting an online business comes with its pros, the initiative to invigorate digital transformation has simplified most process in setting up a business. You can opt for a sole proprietorship licence.

sell handbags online
Start Selling Handbags and purses online

Tips to consider before you setup an online apparel shop 

Market place model:- If you feel that you wont be able to source enough purses and bags to display own your own then its better you go for a marketplace model. Design a revenue model and register multiple vendors on your platform. With market place model you will be able to cater to a wider audience.  Inventory based model may require some investment in the initial stage. The cost will increase when your focus is to  source high end premium products.

Create a product of your own:- Your market research will help you identify profitable niche segment that remain untapped, For eg: your research shows that the need for bags, valets, and purses made out of xyz material is high and the non of the existing brands have a product that meets the set criteria. There exists an opportunity for you to bring something out of novelty to the market.

Set aside a compelling marketing strategy:- Your marketing strategy should compel someone to buy the products you sell.

  • Educate people why celebrities prefer to use these brands, and the latest trends they follow.
  • Tie up with other stores and create a cross promotion campaign (If your store is dedicated to sell handbags, then tie up with an online clothing store).
  • Makes use of user generated content.
  • Make use of social selling. Prior to release make sure that you will make use of dark social (Whats app, messenger, etc) to reach out to your friends and families, keep them informed about the products.

Create a simple, but elegant pre-release page:- Make sure that you will create a pre-release page.  The pre release page should be created with a due consideration with the context of business you are planning to start. Also, you can use this page as a landing page to drive traffic from channels like dark social.

Integrate your Offline Store with your Virtual Store

If you have an offline store than make sure that you will draft a strategy that comprehensively synchronise your brick and mortar business model with the virtual store. Never let go an opportunity where your customers can interact with you. A good offline presence is great, but you need to consider the fact that the trend slowly started to shift. Most people in general are interested to search online and place an order. Why to go for all the trouble when everything is made possible at your finger tip. Make sure that you brand present is felt among customers. Give people multiple touch points to engage with your business entity.

Great business models are those that were able to position themselves among their target customers. If your business model is created around the fashion industry and your are planning to sell handbags online, then you need to makes sure that the customer will feel the value when entering into a commerce with you.

Decide on the Packaging, Logistics

People have expectations. They want the exact product to be delivered at their door steps. Consider its like this, you went online and decide to purchase a purse. When browsing for sell handbags online you landed on an eCommerce store specifically designed for bags. The website meets your requirements. The product listed on the virtual store meets your personality, and the deal seems a perfect fit for your budget. You paced and order. On delivery you noticed that their exists a difference between what is promised, and what has been delivered. Definitely your heart broken. The goody that you had in you mind seem a long shot when compared to what you have in your mind.

Never let that happen. The digital technology has given people the freedom to express themselves. The last thing you need is a negative review on social platform, and google reviews. You may have shipped the right product, may be the logistics partner would have failed to handle it with care. What ever the reason be the end user is not happy with your service.

All good products need to be packaged well not only to make them look attractive, but also to ensure safe delivery of the product. No one would like to have a damaged product! Make sure you have a reliable logistic partner who offers quick delivery at reasonable prices.

Sign up with an ecommerce portal and Sell Handbags Online

eCommerce platforms are the best way to initiate your online business. It offers several advantages, especially if you are trying it out for the first time. eCommerce portals such as those provided by Shopnix offer economical and attractive storefronts to showcase these products. With pre-build ecommerce platforms like Shopnix it becomes easier for you to sell handbags online. When comes to Shopnix, all our themes are created with a customer centric approach. Wherein with a single sign up you an enticing online store.

If you are planning to sell handbags online, then we have the right technology that enables you to reach out a wider audience.

Make sure you have excellent images of the products you intend to sell as they make a huge difference. Designer bags that look great sell faster!

Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote an eCommerce Store

Definitely, you need to spend more than enough time on this. Marketing your virtual store. We are familiar with the term advertising. Online marketing is more or less the same. You need to promote your online store in such a way that your brand is positioned in the right way among the target customers.

It’s better you have a plan set aside. You may be asking why. Consider that you are planning to sell premium handbags, now you need to have a definite plan to target the luxury customers. Not that target a keyword like handbags will help generate revenue. You need to define the target segment that you want to penetrate. Find platforms where premium customers most likely engage.

The amazing part about digital marketing is that you can easily identify and target your customers.

Let’s start with a question.

Why do you think you see commercials related to agarbatti on spiritual channels.

Yes, Now you got it. That’s where their target audience is.

To identify your target customers you need to create a buyer’s persona.

So, to sell handbags online, how do you go about with a customer/ buyer’s persona.

Simple, Start with an in-depth research into the apparel/ fashion/ luxury industry. Yes, in the information age you need to have the right data to plot a definite course of action.

Follow the leading companies that are into the fashion industry, try to understand their USP, best practices, what kind of product they sell, whom they target, and most importantly what kind of marketing channels are they using to target their customers.

When drafting a customer persona try to go as deep as you can. Here find the customer’s inspirations, interest, pain-points, blogs they read, etc. It helps you get an in-depth knowledge of your customer. Once you have all the information you need, then create a customer avatar, your customer avatar should have all the qualities of an ideal customer.

Create a min of 3-4 customer personas. It helps get a broader view.

What Marketing Channels can be Used to Promote your Products Online

There are multiple marketing channels that can be used to promote an online store. Let me take you through few of the most prominent channels that help you sell bags online.

Google Paid Campaigns

Google paid campaigns are quite relevant when comes to commercialising a business entity. The main advantage of a Google paid campaign is that it helps you drive instant traffic to your website. Consider it like this, you just started your online store, since SEO is a long-term strategy and you know that you can’t wait till your SEO picks up, then the best option you have is to bid on Google for specific keywords.

When you decide to venture into the Google paid ads to make sure that you have a keyword matrix created out of the buyer’s persona. The keyword matrix will help you find the right keywords for a PPC campaign. When creating the keyword matrix you can decide what keywords will go to the awareness stage, consideration stage, and decision stage. In the initial stage as a startup, your budget will be too limited. Every penny you spend needs to be ledger and later justified. Maybe you are doing drop shipping, Selling handbags form home. In that case, it will be better if you directly jump into the decision stage and bid for few keywords, rather invest and experiment on keywords in the awareness stage.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an amazing marketing channel through which you can position your digital entity among the highly targeted audience and also increase the domain relevance.

Think about it like this. You just got an opportunity to interview an aspiring figure in the fashion industry or a celebrity, In the interview, the celebrity talks about how the future is more focused on sustainable fashion. Don’t you think you will get some press attention? The celebrity will be happy to share the interview with her social followers (who are highly interested in what is happening in the fashion industry and what trends to follow). Pretty sure that going to drive some great traffic to your website.

More to it, You have an interview with a domain expert on your website. How do people perceive it?

Social Media Marketing

We interact more on social channels than what we interact with our family. People are so active on social channels that they spend more than 1-2 hours a day interacting on multiple social platforms. Your business is where the people engage and interact the most. So, you need to reflect your brand presence on channels where your target audience engages.

Most online apparel stores have an established social presence. A platform where people can interact with the brand. This channel can be sued wisely to address the pain points of your target customers. For eg: Create a few tips like, what handbag best suits my body time. How to select the right handbags for an occasion, etc

Also, make sure to collect the customer feedback and promote on your social media. Not just lame testimonials. Ever heard of user-generated content. You sold a product to an end customer, the customer is so happy with the deal that she hit social media with the product. The best example with be, You sold a handbag online, upon delivery the customer puts a post on social media with the product he/ she purchased. Awesome! Now make sure that you will be sharing the post will all your social followers.

Let them know what your customers think about the service/ product you sell. That too it comes from a customer who bought from you.

Push Marketing


Most of the above digital marketing channels will help you drive new customers to your website. Let us imagine that a person visited your website and made a purchase, or she subscribed to your weekly newsletter. Now you have their email id and Whatsapp number with you. With this information how can you leverage the best? Let me help you.

Ever heard of drip campaigns. Drip campaigns are widely used by brands to build a strong relationship with customers and nurture them to move down the buyer’s journey.

Push marketing can also be used to reach out to new and existing customers with a custom offers and discounts. It can be as simple as a Whatsapp message like “Why not check our website to avail new and exciting offers”.

Be active online

Utilize all the free sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest where you can showcase your products to a wide audience. Women love to flaunt these products and you can use this to market your products. Make sure you have attractive pictures, videos showcasing your products that can be uploaded on these sites.

Although there is great competition in this market, with proper planning you can also create a great store with your own set of fans!

Zero investment eCommerce Store


Lirish is a freelance content writer who has an exceptional domain knowledge when comes to eCommerce. Lirish is also an entrepreneur at heart. Lirish runs a full fledged eCommerce store "CoorgShoppe" that exclusively deals with products from Coorg and caters to a diverse market segments. CoorgShoppe is powered by Shopnix.

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