How to Start an Online Grocery Store in India ? – 2

How to Start an Online Grocery Store in India ? – 2
How to start an Online Grocery Store in India? Guide to Sell Grocery Online – 2
How to start an Online Grocery Store in India? Guide to Sell Grocery Online – 2

Guide to Sell Grocery Online – 2

Previously [ Sell Grocery Online Chapter One ] , you learnt about the basic steps involved in setting up a franchise grocery store in India. Here we will discuss about the 3 key aspects of the online grocery store:

  • Order collection
  • Order execution
  • Payment collection

Order Collection

For a successful online grocery store, this step is very important. This is the first step for the customer to establish a long term relation with your store and hence must be the best one. It must be easy for the buyer to place the order and he/she must be able to quickly browse through and choose the products required.

Order collection can basically be processed through two modes – Mobile or Online Storefront.


You can collect the orders through phone (call to order), a mobile app or a mobile version of your online store. Users can also order through an online store which can be either based on an ec0mmerce platform (such as that provided by Shopnix) or self-developed using DIY tools such as Magento.

However, you need to have all three options for better order collections

  • Call to order
  • Mobile app
  • Online store

Order Execution

This step is the backbone of the online franchise store. Once the orders are collected they must be executed within the time designated by the order. For successful re-orders the orders must quickly and accurately executed.


Basically, all orders can be executed either through the dealers directly or through a ware house model. In the dealer direct model, once the order is placed, it will be immediately transferred to the dealer (retail grocer identified previously) who is located closest to the buyer. Although this is the easiest method and the most economical mode of order execution, you are totally dependent on the retail grocer for this step. All orders must be followed up with the grocer to ensure timely execution of the order placed.

Other option is the warehouse model wherein you have a central or multiple warehouses (depending on the coverage) where all the products listed on your store are stored and are sent from here to the buyer. The benefits of this model are that you are in total control of the order execution. You can easily monitor the order execution process to ensure that the order is delivered within the specified timeframe. The drawback of this model is the cost involved towards having the warehouse, stocking the products and maintaining staff for packing and delivering the products. However, in the long run, this should be the model of choice.

Payment Collection

This is another important step in the online franchise grocery store. If you can’t collect payments then it is difficult to run the store!



This step depends on the type of order execution chosen. You can either, collect the payments yourself and pay the dealer after deducting your charges, or the dealer/grocer will collect the payment and transfer your charges. Either way, payment collection will be through online payment or cash on delivery. Most of the first time buyers would prefer cash on delivery model.

Continued here…start online grocery store in India – 3


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