How to start an online Jewellery store in India? Guide to sell Jewellery online.

How to start an online Jewellery store in India? Guide to sell Jewellery online.

How to start an online Jewellery store in India Guide to sell Jewellery online.

How to start an online Jewellery store in India Guide to sell Jewellery online.

Indian has given rise to a thriving Jewellery business in the last 5 years. Jewellery has significantly contributed to the economy and raised the country’s GDP through exports. To understand Jewellery as a viable consumer product, the market within India needs to be explored. It is of general consensus that e-commerce platform works best for ease of shopping and outreach small villages and towns in India. Many online shopping websites like and have strongly dominated India’s market while making it difficult for budding entrepreneurs. Since Jewellery business is unique, there is a potential to expand and increase the customer base.


In order to be successful in Jewellery business, the owner has to know the market potential. The question to ask is: Who am I going to sell it to? The obvious answer is anyone who has a passion for Jewellery. It is a misconception and often people are misled to believe that only the rich can afford Jewellery. The truth is that Jewellery should not be seen as a dazzling commodity, but rather as a handcrafted item that can be made with simplest of technology. The benefit of this is that even an average middle class family can afford to buy it.


Maintaining a detailed list of items to sell is very critical for the business to succeed. For an entrepreneur with basic knowledge of craftsmanship, it is best to keep the technology at a minimum especially in the first year of business. Minimizing the technology can keep the cost low while maintaining an optimum design to make the products attractive to consumers. In fact, it is better to make a sufficient amount of handcrafted items rather than going for too many high-end items. This is imperative for every consumer business owner, while maintaining a balance between the making costs and the labourers’ wages. It is also useful in determining the prices of the products.


Managing an online Jewellery business can be a challenging task every day, but can be streamlined with proper knowledge and training. The business owner is a responsible seller whose intension is to satisfy buyers. The first step in every e-commerce business is to hire a proficient website designer who can add glamour and colour to the website. The website should be capable of handling large orders and should have safety features for monetary transactions. Many online portals have adapted to Cash On Delivery method, which allows buyers to pay cash to the courier service upon delivery. Also, there is one key area that many online sellers pay minimum importance – packaging. Since it is fragile, Jewellery items should be packed properly with maximum protection covered by the shipping and handling charges.

Responsive Website: It is impossible for you to reach out to the customer without an interface that is amazing and impressive. helps you create an amazing e-commerce website. Create your jewelry online store today and let the world be the market for your amazing jewelry products.

To summarize, every business starts with an idea and that idea can be converted in to profit by planning and execution. Internet technology makes it easier to grow business and increase profit.



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