Top 10 Angel Investors for Indian startups – 2015  

Top 10 Angel Investors for Indian startups – 2015   
Top 10 Angel Investors for Indian startups - 2015  
Top 10 Angel Investors for Indian startups – 2015

The recent boom in the entrepreneurial in India is a good omen. People from the remotest corners of the country are making the best use of the time and available resources to startup and make it big but there are loads of constraints.

Constraints like availability of funds and presence of mentors are going to slow down the progress of the enterprises. These entrepreneurs are always in search of people who can fund their business and also mentor them with better business acumens.

Angel Investors are the breed of people who are going to invest into the innocuous ideas of these entrepreneurs and also groom them for a better tomorrow. Most of the time these angel investors are known to be entrepreneurs themselves; these are the people with an abundance of fund by their side. These angel investors are also known to have a craving of working on new and diverse ideas.

Here are top ten angel investors from India who all are looking forward to invest in ideas and make this country a better place to live in:

  1. Sunil Kalra

    Sunil Kalra graduated from Texas in the domain of marketing and international trade and his learnings is quite visible in his business franchies. Sunil started his career as an export entrepreneur, dealt with a lot of foreign designers and entrepreneurs and took his leather business to achieve loads of laurels. Working with foreign clients he got to know about the kind of businesses that are being run in other countries and decided to help startups in India to scale and produce better opportunities for others. Sunil has invested his hard earned money in startups like Hashcube, Saplence, and Innoveda etc. 

  1. Sharad Sharma 

    Sharad was the CEO at Yahoo India R&D and later he founded BrandSigma and he was also responsible for the global engineering products and other key products of the company too. Sharad was also the chairman of NASSCOM product forum and he was also the cofounder of Ispirit think tank. Sharad is an electronic engineer from Delhi College of engineering. Sharad has invested in startups like Mobilewalla, Durva software, Frrole, etc.

  1. Rajan Anandan 

    Rajan has invested in many startups in India; previously he was MD at Google India and he has also managed Microsoft for 2 years in India. An MSc in manufacturing system engineering from Stanford University, recently Rajan has invested in more than 14 startups in India. Startups in which Rajan has invested are Social cops, Miss, and Targeting mantra, etc.

  1. Krishnan Ganesh

    Krishnan Ganesh is the CEO of Tutor Vista, an online tutor company. He is a graduate from Delhi College of engineering in mechanical engineering. Recently he has invested in many startups like Overcart, must see India, and

  1. Meena Ganesh

    she is an entrepreneur and CEO at Portea medical. A graduate in physics hons. From women’s christen college and An MBA from IIM Calcutta has made investment in many startups like Silver push, and

  1. Ritesh Malik

    He is a doctor by profession he did his MBBS from M.G.R medical university. Recently he turned angle investor and invested in many startups like RH1vision, Bisko labs, Mashinga etc.

  1. Nikunj Jain

    A dropout from IIT Delhi has invested in many startups like Gingr, Agatsa, and Inc42 etc.

  1. Anupam Mittal

    he is a founder and CEO of and real-state portal has recently invested in many startups like Zepo, café zoo and Ola cabs etc. 

  1. Kunal Bahl

    Kunal bahl is a co-founder and CEO of online e-commerce website Snapdeal. A graduate from Wharton school of Pennsylvania, recently invest in startups like Tripoto, tiny owl, bewakoof and Ola cabs etc. 

  1. Sachin Bansal

    Sachin Bansal is the man who completely revolutionized the e-commerce sector of India by co-founding Flipkart. A graduate from IIT- Delhi in computer science recently turned angel investor and invested in many startups like Ather, Touch Talent etc.



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