Top 10 Crowd Funding Platforms in India

Top 10 Crowd Funding Platforms in India


We all have dreams, Mostly career dreams I am talking about here. Some are small enough some are huge. And when they are huge such as opening up a restaurant, setting up your own business, we might lack funds to fulfil them. Such dreams can be achieved through crowd funding.

Crowd Funding : It is basically contributions or donations made by large number of people in any particular project or a venture or just an idea.

If the Idea is good enough, it has a future, it might turn into a success then people donate just to give it a kick start.
#FunFact : first example of crowd funding was seen in 1730s where Bank of England was saved by Mercantile Group of London by converting their currency into gold. Thus Crowd funding their own money to save their currency.

Crowd Funding Platforms : These are those sites from where you can actually work out the process of crowd funding. These websites project your idea on wide shared network from where people or investors might look, appraise and donate.

These Platforms are far more better than banks, investors, money lenders. Those require huge amount of formalities and the platform is not big enough.

You have to prepare presentations, models and run around with them to show it to these banks and investors.

Crowd Funding Platforms In India : In India Crowd funding is a recent concept, its 100% legal in India. India is a fast growing nation and have huge young population aspiring to become entrepreneurs.
Thus crowd funding platforms is quite a success over here. India makes use of crowd funding in fields of Business, Art and Culture, and Social Causes.
There are various emerging Crowd funding Platforms in India, But out of all of them these are the Top 10.

KETTO : It was Launched in year 2012.


Founders : Vishal Sheth, Kunal Kapoor, Zaheer Adenwala
It raises money for Social causes such as Child education, Women Empowerment, Sports,           Environment etc. It has raised over 1 Crore rupees.

MILAAP : One of the oldest Crowd funding platform in india. Started in 2010 for social causes and personal use.


Founders : Jayesh Parekh, Rajiv Madhok, Vijay Sharma
Raised 63.34 crores for 49,310 projects across india.

INDIEGOGO : Founded in year 2008. Works almost in 223 countries and has already helped 15 million people. Provides crowd funding in fields of environment, technology etc


WISHBERRY : Founded in 2012, its corporate office is in Mumbai.


It has a 70% success ratio of the projects for which they have raised money.
It Support Funds in fields of arts, design, technology etc

DREAM WALLETS : It is a reward based platform where rewards are non monetary. Jaipur has its Headquaters while corporate office is in Mumbai and Pune.


BIT GIVING : Social Crowd funding Platform.


CATAPOOOLT : Over 200 contributed 100 lakhs for 40 projects

START51 : Creative Fund Platform in fields of adventure, arts etc


THE HOT START : Founded in 2014, Looks more into Filming and Artistic ventures.


FUND DREAMS INDIA : Part of Bluebiz Ventures Pvt. Ltd.



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