Why your e-commerce business needs a Blog – 10 Reasons

Why your e-commerce business needs a Blog – 10 Reasons
Why your e-commerce business needs a Blog - 10 Reasons
Why your e-commerce business needs a Blog – 10 Reasons

When you have worked really hard on your product and have ensured meticulous efforts at all fronts then not starting a blog for your business will be no less than a blunder. What a blog does for your business in a nutshell is free advertising. A blog helps small businesses acquire the requisite reputation, traffic and also the much-wanted exposure.

Be it a small-scale business or an impending e-commerce, each one of them needs a blog. In the contemporary world where SEO and PPC marketing are trending, starting a blog will only push your business forward.

Here we bring to you ten reasons that will help you understand the importance of a blog for your business:

  • Content Marketing¬†

    Is the organic way of mastering SEO. With high quality content being published regularly on your blog chances of getting noticed by search engines increases by leaps and bounds.


  • Blogging establishes you as a thought leader:

    With a blog where you tend to educate your customers about the product and services, you can aim to be the thought leader of the industry. Post establishment as a thought leader, your blog will drive sales like never before.

  • Increased Visibility:

    Search engines consider every blog post like a new page hence with more articles on your site; you get more pages indexed, which results in increased visibility.

  • They bring backlinks:

  • ¬†Easiest way of climbing search engine rankings is creating quality backlink. When you are busy creating quality content and posting it on your blog, people start linking to your content and when they link your search ranking improves.
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  • They help your business find right partners:

    With a blog that educates and tells people How-To; be sure that a lot of people are going to admire your business. When people start admiring what you do they will start looking for opportunities to work and grow with you.

  • One point communication with audience:

    A blog for your e-commerce business will help you cater to customers better. Managing relationships with clients will get easier than ever. You can always listen to their banter and answer them; while you are answering to a specific customer, hundreds of other are looking hence you can make use of words like Thank You and We are Grateful to serve you better and win more customers.

  • A guide for your customers:

    Your customers will not have to wander in order to learn the usages of product or services you are selling. You can always redirect them to your blog and help them learn the intricacies.


  • Let the customers lead:

    when you maintain a blog that educates and maintains good relation with clients then you can aim to win over little wars over your competitors with great ease. The customers will lead from the front and help you save your reputation every time someone bogus tries to ruin your reputation desperately.

  • Additional Income:

    Yes! You can generate impressive revenue via blogging, which can be used for improvement of customer services or inventory management.


  • Opportunity to understand customers:

    When you see a particular post going viral, you get to know what customers are looking for. With the help of analytics tool you can analyze your customer better and serve to their need.

Blogging not only help enterprises with traffic and backlinks, it also helps them with customer relationship management and ensures healthy business development prospects at all times.


Pranav, 23, is a Full Time Freelance Writer, residing in the capital city of the Country. He has been cited as one of the youngest Blogger cum Content Writer from the state by the National Daily Hindustan Times. He has also contributed a short story to the Anthology, Phase Unknown Women-A Tribute. His next short story is slated to be released with Penguin India later this year. He is involved with varied online sites for varied types of writing.

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