3 facebook marketing secrets to boost your online sales.

3 facebook marketing secrets to boost your online sales.


Facebook is not only a popular social networking site, it is also a source for some targeted marketing. Traditional marketing involved using Google Ads and placing adverts on popular websites. However, with Facebook gaining popularity worldwide, it has become one of the most sought sites for placing ads. The most important aspect of Facebook ads is its ability to zero-in on the most suitable customer for your products. However, setting up such targeted ads can often be tricky as well as cumbersome for the beginners. Here we reveal a few secrets that would help you set up most beneficial ads.

1. Audience Insights – Knowing your audience

Most important part of marketing is the target audience. If you know that you are reaching the right audience (for example: trendy shoes are most sought by teenagers living in cities) then you have achieved your marketing goal. Facebook has a feature called Audience Insights under the “Ad Manager” tab.

Audience Insights - Knowing your audience
Audience Insights – Knowing your audience

This feature helps you know about specific aspects of the audience such as Age and Gender, Lifestyle (based on purchase behavior, brand affinity and other activities), Relationship Status, Education Level, and Job Title.

This information can be used to form intelligent ads which have the highest probability of reaching the right audience at the right time.

2. Custom Audience –  Maximize known audience

It is easier to pull in previous buyers than getting new ones. People who have already bought on your site trust you (provided you have been giving them good service!) and can be easily coaxed to try out your site again. Facebook helps you in doing this by providing a feature called Create Custom Audience.

Custom Audience - Maximize known audience
Custom Audience – Maximize known audience


You can create a customized list of buyers by matching your data of email ids, phone numbers, facebook IDs to people who are on Facebook. You can also create a list of people who visit your website or view specific pages. Newest option in this feature is creating a list of people who have taken certain specific actions in your app or game!

3.     Verify reach

Verifying whether the ads have reached the intended audience is as important as setting up an ad. If it has not reached the right audience, then you would have to tweak it appropriately before running the ad campaign again. To enable this, use the feature called Reports.

Verify Customer Reach
Verify Customer Reach

This feature can be used to create specific metrics in terms of Geographic reach, Facebook page actions taken, Website conversion, placement based results, etc. Such reports can also be generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

These are a few of the important secrets related to efficient use of Facebook ad manager features available to you. Although it may take several trials to attain mastery over these features, it will definitely help you create efficient ads after a few trials. The key to success is persistence!


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