Clicking High Quality Product Photos Using Your Smartphone

Clicking High Quality Product Photos Using Your Smartphone

Presentation is the essence of marketing. Your product should look well to attract people’s attention. The photo-shoot of these products has witnessed a completely different level in the recent past but then it is not possible for a newbie entrepreneur to organize a photo-shoot for the gallery of his products. They can rent a DSLR but it will be a hectic task so, the only option left is bringing the Camera of your Smartphone in use.

Using smartphone cameras for photo-shoot are not as difficult as they sound. The technology has surpassed human expectation and everything today we have is the epitome. The cameras of smartphones are too good to be brought in use for photo-shoot of products.


We bring to you a step by step guide about How to Capture High Quality Product Photos Using Your Smartphone: –

  • Synchronize your camera according your need: – If you are going to shoot these photos at a dark place then you will need to synchronize your camera’s ISO level and Flash according it. Most of the smartphones have these options where you can control the level of ISO and also control the range of Flash.


  • Accessories: – There are going to be some accessories you will need. Here are some of the most widely used accessories during the photo-shoot with a phone camera.


Table: – You need to position the product at the level from where accurate angled frames can be availed.


Light: – Natural light is the mother of good photographs. Hence placing your set-up near the source of natural light is always considered as the best Idea.


Stand/Tripod: – We all are not professional and hence it is going to be very difficult for us to click accurate images. We will start with blur, over exposed and non-stabilized image and then we will learn but making use of a stand or a tripod for image stabilization can save us the embarrassment.


Lenses: – This will sound like a myth but it is true to its core. We can make use of lenses with our phone’s camera. If you are looking to click some close-up or some macro photographs then you will need to make use of a macro lens for better clarity and minute detailing of the product.


  • Choosing the perfect App for shooting: – Android phone provides you with a sea of option to choose from. Some try to experiment with new apps on the block while some choose the basic camera app for shooting. The new apps like Android Camera FX Zoom and Iphone Camera+ are too good for shooting. They make use of predefined filters and help you in producing some astonishing photographs of the products.
  • Editing: – It happens to be most important phase of a photo-shoot, you need to adjust the color, hues, sharpness and shadows of the images. These all things can also be minimized during the photo-shoot but when doing it with a phone camera Editing becomes indispensable.

You can make use of Free Adobe Photoshop Express for editing all your photographs. They have all the requisite features inbuilt and they serve with a wide range of filters to choose from.


Shooting can be a bizarre task; you may end up spending hours on it. Here’s a quick guide about arrangements you should make before get going with the photo-shoot: –

  • Prepare yourself with all kind of stands/tripods and other materials like cleaning clothes. You need to clean your products well so that it looks new and beautiful in macro photography.
  • Arrange your lighting: – Make use of flash but if you can arrange a natural source of light then go with it and click some awesome photographs.
  • Adjusting the settings of the camera can be a pain giving task but it becomes easier once you know what the works of these innocuous settings are.


Grid: – It helps you in maintain a straight line in the image.


AutoSave: – It saves you from the hassle of saving images after every shot.


Quality: – It is always advised to keep the quality ‘high’.


Zoom: – Zoom into the object for better clarity and detailing.


Focus: – If you have knowledge of photography then you can play with these settings but if you are an amateur then prefer Auto Focus mode.

Now after all these steps you are ready to go clicking. Bring your smartphone in some productive use rather than playing games on it. Use for business development processes.

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