4 ways to improve conversions on your online store

4 ways to improve conversions on your online store

improve-conversions-on-your-online-storeBeing an amateur entrepreneur you are spending loads of bucks on Ads and on promoting your business at different platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These sites are also serving you in return with a good number of unique visitors every other day. You are happy to see how the ranking of your site is crawling up and how famous your website is getting day by day but you have failed in converting these unique hits into business.

Apart of all these numerous visitors you are selling less commodities and services. With this post we would like to enlighten you about the factors affecting your conversion rate. These factors are very basic but have a huge impact on the growth rate of your business.

Every time a lands up on your site with a notion to buy something they will look for features that assures them that you guys are authentic and trust worthy. An attractive

User Interface plays a key role in making a customer feel comfortable.

User Interface


User Interface is the first thing that any customer gets to see when he/she lands up on your site. You need to have an UI that makes the customer feel at home—comfortable and excited—and spreads a sense of reliability. Make sure you have a design that is cool and provides an easy navigation from one list to another. The speed of the site is also an issue that enhances a customer’s experience and determines whether the customer will come back or not. A good interface will make it easier for the customer to find products and order them within seconds and they will come back to your site every time they need something.

Designing your homepage to serve customers with access to every niche of the website is the key to more conversion rates.

Quality Content


You need to tell people about your products and you just not need to tell them about the features of your service or product; you need to tell the, how your product or service will impact their lives. You need to present a picture where your product seems indispensable. Present a picture where your product gets eloquently mixed with the lives of customers.

There are many types of content you can have one your site that will be useful to the customer. Some of them are

  • Product descriptions
  • Product Reviews
  • Blog – Information articles
  • Blog – How to articles
  • Blog – Industry trends

See our article
on why it is important for an online store should have a blog

High Quality Photographs

a-2Most of the people who shop incessantly from e-commerce sites have complained that the delivered product was different from the product displayed on the site. Assuring quality and authentic delivery of product is the responsibility of the logistic department but designing department also plays an important role in the same.

Photographs of the products you upload on your site needs to have the intricate detail of the products. They need to present an authentic picture of the product that spreads a sense of originality and lets people believe in your services.

Few tips to have better photographs: –

  • If you can hire a photographer then go for it or make use of your smartphone for clicking high quality photographs.
  • Zoom into the product and click photographs that have the intricacies of the products clearly visible.
  • Making good use of the tools of your camera to click better photographs for pictures that look real and not forged.

You can read more on how to use a smartphone camera to take high quality photos for your ecommerce store

Developing Trust

About UsEvery smart user will check your reputation over the Internet before really buying something from your store. You need to work on this and make an incomparable reputation. You will need to do the following in order to fall in the trustworthy list of many: –

  • Write an About-Us page on your site. You deserve some kind of glamor for yourself; Go get it! Writing an about-us page lets customers develop a faith over the site and also allows people to know about you.
  • Submit your site to all search engines. It helps you in making a good reputation and your SEO improves as well.
  • Add badges(images) related to your payment gateway like Mastercard, Visa and an anti-virus logo to your site. This tells customers that your store is transaction safe and their information will be secure.
  • Display your phone number and your email address preffreably on the header for customers to contact you. Most of the online stores in India are doing the same and you can also do it in order to develop a good reputation for your website.

With these tips, your
online store conversions is bound to increase by huge margins. If you have any questions on implementing any of these stratergies on your store, do let us know and we’ll guide you through the process.

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