How CTAs can improve your online store sales

How CTAs can improve your online store sales

While building your e-store you pay attention to smallest of details from its designing, to layout, from product pricing to its images and product placement to its pricing. And even after that the war still remains on to constantly up the quotient of your site, increase your brand value, do effective marketing and draw customers to increase your sale and make thick profits.

But in midst of all this you generally skip a very important element of Call To Action. Many a time’s new visitors to your website, find themselves lost in the jungle of products and descriptions and leave miserably on not being able to locate their desired product even when it may be on your website.

Call To Action Buttons on an E-commerce website thus come into picture. They are a clever way to increase your sales conversions. These easily visible buttons are self-explanatory and guide the new visitors to find their way through to the product they are looking for. There is no set rule for employing them and you can use them wherever you feel them to be of most assistance.

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  • Design Them Well

Call To Action Buttons must be designed both aesthetically and smartly. Try to use different colors for different buttons to make them stand out. Use white space in between to avoid any overlapping or distortion.

  • Choose Your Calls for Action Well

Choose carefully the words for the actions you want your visitor to perform. They must be clear, concise and action oriented. The actions on an ecommerce site are usually limited to buying and paying actions. You can thus, use your buttons to say ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Continue Shopping’, ‘Make Payment Here’, ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Pay Now’.

  • Make Them Clear

The font type, color and size should all be fairly clear and easily legible. The actions should be typed in simple font in bold typography. It should draw attention of your customer there. Also, keep in mind that the language you use should also be clear and fault free. There shouldn’t be any long and confusing sentences, just small phrases or single words will be good. Besides, the grammar should be correct. It is necessary both for building reputation and customer’s hassle free shopping.

  • Create an Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency or restriction on time, makes your customer feel the importance of the time and will be encouraged to do business with you immediately. Therefore, your action words should also call for the same. Use phrases such as ‘Call Now’, ‘Buy Now’, “Offer Valid Only Today’ or ‘Offer Valid Till Saturday’.

  • Offer Explanation

Adding an explanation to your urgent call for action clear the suspense and translates into a more positive result like with a ‘Call Now’ you can add ‘First Five Callers Will Get Shipping Free of Charge’.  Besides, you can raise the ante and add any discounts or offers you may want to with these for an even faster action. For example, ‘Sign Up Today To Win An Attractive Gift’, ‘Order Now To Get 10% Discount’ etc.


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